The Creative Grant, supported by the Kevin Taylor Legacy, provides creative individuals or groups the opportunity of a $9,000 supported grant from TCL (Melbourne and/or Adelaide studio).

The Kevin Taylor Legacy has been established in the memory of Kevin Taylor, a founding director of TCL. Throughout his career Kevin continually explored and challenged how we interact with, interpret, and represent the Australian landscape. He was also intrigued by how communities and individuals relate to the civic condition. 

Dedicated to the professions of Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and Social Planning throughout his career, and employing a sensitive and immersive approach to design, Kevin's work has left an important and valuable legacy that is integral to TCL's current practice. By offering this Creative Grant, TCL is seeking to continue and expand these fields of inquiry in relation to current practices and conditions.

Applicants will work with TCL staff to develop their project and outcomes over 3 to 6 months, culminating in an exhibition, performance or event at the end of the grant. Applicants will be assisted in the documentation of their work which will be included in ongoing and future publications about the Legacy.

Applicants will receive a one-off project grant of up to $9,000. This opportunity is open to creative individuals or groups from all professions, industries or trades who wish to explore our relationship to landscape and the civic condition. 


Objectives of the grant

The objectives of the Kevin Taylor Legacy are:

  • To enable creative individuals or groups to pursue ideas and interests of their choice which connect with the expanded field of Landscape Architecture as found through the work of Kevin Taylor.
  • To encourage the exchange of ideas and thinking within a studio environment and the wider field of Landscape Architecture.
  • To create an exhibition, performance or event of the work and a durable record at the end of the residency.


Applications for the 2019 Creative Grant are now open.  

In 2019 we are looking for an individual or group who can explore our relationship to landscape from an Indigenous Australian perpective. 

The successful applicant will be given access and use of the TCL studios in Melbourne and /or Adelaide.

Application form and requirements can be downloaded by clicking on the following link: 

Kevin Taylor Legacy Grant Application Form

Please direct your applications and all enquiries, to Lucas Dean via email 

Application deadline: 23rd November 2018 (COB).

The Kevin Taylor Legacy Structure

The Kevin Taylor Legacy is a grant program funded by TCL and run by an appointed panel nominated by the directors of TCL.

The panel will consist of four people; one director from TCL, one staff member from TCL and two external people selected from the advisory group. A panel member may sit for a maximum of 3 years.

The panel meet on an as needs basis and are responsible for assessing applications, liaising with the successful applicant and ensuring the aims and objections of the legacy are upheld.

Advisors to the KT Legacy include people who have had input into the creation and implementation of the KT Legacy, or are interested in an ongoing role as an external advisor, reviewer and potential future panel member.

Advisors will be called upon by the panel to assist in seeking applicants, assessing applications and, if willing, to engage with the Creative Grant as a mentor or advisor.

Panel Members



Kate Cullity, Perry Lethlean, Scott Adams, Damian Schultz, Gini Lee, Sue-Anne Ware, Karl Telfer, Greg Burgess, John Maitland, Emily Taylor, Tim Millar, Geoff Boyce, Paul Carter, Lisa Slade, Peter Emmett.


The KT Legacy is intended to be a perpetual legacy; the grant allocations awarded annually shall not exceed the annual income of the legacy.

The KT Legacy is not a trust, it is not a registered company or partnership. It does not have an ABN. It is part of the TCL practice with a bank account in its name.

Funding is managed by the panel, and is the responsibility of the TCL Director on the panel.

The KT Legacy can seek external funding from potential arts or research grants that are aligned with the KT Legacy’s interests.