Kevin Taylor Legacy

The Kevin Taylor Legacy has been established in the memory of Kevin Taylor, a founding director of TCL. Throughout his career Kevin continually explored and challenged how we interact with, interpret, and represent the Australian landscape. He was also intrigued by how communities and individuals relate to the civic condition. 

Dedicated to the art of Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and Social Planning throughout his career, and employing a uniquely sensitive and immersive approach to design, Kevin's work has left an important and valuable legacy that is integral to TCL's current practice. By offering this ‘Creative in Residence’ grant, TCL are seeking to continue and expand these fields of inquiry in relation to current practices and conditions.

AILA Award of Excellence

…. the Kevin Taylor Legacy is both a testament to Kevin’s generosity of spirit and to TCL’s leadership….The residency has underpinned the exchange of ideas and enticed landscape architects to expand the forms associated with practice, expression, research, structure and approach. … the perpetual grant has taken the idea of a legacy to a new and creative place.

Award of Excellence, Research and Communication AILA SA 2017 

Award of Excellence