"A stunning debut by Australian director Kasimir Burgess, Fell is an entrancing and enigmatic drama - a dreamlike, visually resplendent tale of nature, revenge and redemption"- Sydney Film Festival 2014

Visiting Hours 

Visiting Hours, a short documentary film about the celebrated Australian cartoonist and artist Michael Leunig. 

During his legacy Kas had the opportunity to film cartoonist, Michael Leunig while visiting a hospice where his childhood school teacher Joan lived. Joan was one of the few people to have faith in Michael as a child and to support and further his creativity.

In this short film Kas sculpts each scene into a powerful portrait which captures an inspiring old friendship and the mutual affections and understanding between Michael and Joan.

Visiting Hours is one chapter from a larger documentary by Kasimir Burgess on Michael Leunig’s life. The documentary is a 2017 recipients of Screen Australia’s $1 million in production investment funding through the Documentary Producer and Commissioned programs and is currently in production.