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Antonia Besa wins 2018 HASSELL Travelling Scholarship

February 2018

TCL Graduate Landscape Architect Antonia Besa has been awarded the 2018 HASSELL Traveling Scholarship. 

According to a HASSELL media release, Antonia was selected following interviews with 23 students who were nominated by the nine participating universities around Australia. Her submitted thesis, titled ‘Waste Dynamics’, was completed at the University of Melbourne and explores the potential for public space design to act as an agent of change in the highly-polluted informal settlements of San Martin, located along the Reconquista River in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

According to UN-Habitat, almost a third of the world’s urban population in developing countries resides in informal settlements – places where people lack access to basic services and opportunities. Antonia’s thesis proposes a replicable design methodology, that’s informed by the unseen local behaviours and movements of these settlements, to build missing connections with the formal city.

HASSELL Principal and Head of Landscape Architecture, Angus Bruce says Antonia’s thesis makes an intelligent contribution to the debate on the essential role of public space as a social integrator.

“Antonia’s design proposal shows how public space has the capacity to supply the tools and training for a settlement’s own upgrading process, and provide a vision for better quality open spaces in vulnerable areas that normally miss out on public investment,” said Angus.

The HASSELL Travelling Scholarship – Robin Edmond Award is an annual award that recognises graduating landscape architecture students who show outstanding potential for future contribution to the profession. 

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Image: Mapping of unseen movements, from Waste Dynamics by Antonia Besa.