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Braided Pathways: A Practice Sustained by Difference

February 2014

Perry and Kate would like to thank all involved in the process. In particular their supervisor, RMIT Professor Sue  Anne Ware for her  insightful guidance and encouragement , TCL’s Lucas Dean for his relentless enthusiasm and assistance and Vivien Mitsogianni for her thoughtful and generous feedback.  

The PhD’s are available on line through the RMIT Library

The excerpts from the examiners reports expressed:

“The Candidate was among the first Australian practitioners to introduce the concept of narrative into landscape and urban design. Using both denotative/explicit and connotative/hidden narratives the Candidate presented projects which had been infused with a sense meaning and in which mythological and poetic dimensions had been created in place of ‘landscape as found”.

Professor Corbett Lyon on Perry PhD titled It’s Hard Getting Messy When You’re Compositional was well received


“The attention on the designing become a clear formal gesture to generate feeling of taking care and maintenance on the public attitudes, as well as the attention inside the Kate’s works, her sensitivity as human being, the fragility/delicateness of the author that through her works spoke with the public, creating a dialogue inside the spectators’ souls.”

Dr Annacaterina Piras on Kate’s Phd titled More than Just Looking Good: Beauty, Aesthetics and Care

Congratulations Perry and Kate on successfully completing the reflective PhD.