Hard act to follow

October 2017

An extraordinary house demands an extraordinary garden. No.9 Towers Rd in Toorak, Melbourne’s mostexpensive suburb, hit the news last year when it sold for $26.25 million, a Victorian record. The landmark house,designed by architects Woods Marsh for Daniel and Danielle Besen, took seven years to build at a reported cost ofmore than $20 million and was completed in 2016. The oval-shaped house sits on a 2288sqm corner block andfeatures two underground floors, one designed as a private gallery space.

Landscape architects TCL (Taylor, Cullity, Lethlean) worked closely with the architects and Danielle Besen to design the garden, which this month won a National Landscape Architecture Award of Excellence. “Daniellewanted ‘a poetic garden of structured chaos’,” says principal Kate Cullity. “She also spoke of a ‘sense of embrace’between the building and the garden. She has a love of gardens and plants, and that was an asset.”

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