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Winners announced today for the Royal Adelaide Hospital International Design Competition

December 2013

Bonhag and De Rosa with TCL were awarded joint Second Place for the Royal Adelaide Hospital Design Competition, announced by Deputy Premier Rau this morning at the RAH Site Exhibition Space on Hindley Street. 

The Jury noted

“The contrast between retained existing buildings and increased transparency in new structures, along with improved visual connectivity on the ground plane was a compelling concept…..

The mix of functions proposed for the site was considered by the Jury to support public life and activation within the site as a ‘civic’ exchange. The mix included outdoor events, a focus on food production, science, sustainability and learning in the public realm. This cross-disciplinary site program centred on a ‘sustainability showcase’ to promote a shared purpose……

The submission offered a strengthening of civic presence along North Terrace…..

The vertical garden was a compelling idea with the potential to act as a major new experience that both educates and delights….

The range of potential uses, partners and sectors suggests a layered model and potential for the site’s resilience and evolution, which was considered likely to complement and support existing activities within the East End….”