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International Garden Exhibition Berlin 2017

June 2017 Images

Kate Cullity has just returned from the opening of the 2017 International Garden Exhibition IGA in Berlin, where TCL along with 9 other international designers created ‘Garden Cabinets’, each expressing particular cultural and environmental qualities of their country of origin.

The creative power of fire is the focus of TCL’s ‘Cultivated by Fire’ and the garden design explores how Australia’s Aboriginal people manage the land by fire. This sophisticated practice known as “Fire Stick Farming” increases fertile growth providing abundant edible plants, grasses for the wildlife they hunt and is also a tool to reduce the likely-hood of destructive wild fires. The regions where this technique was and is still practiced forms a “mosaic” effect of differently burnt landscapes of varying ages.

The installation “Cultivated by Fire” abstracts and distils the practice of “Fire Stick Farming” to create a mosaic garden composed of elements reminiscent of both the burnt and rejuvenated Australian landscape. These include actual fire, charred poles, Eucalypt seedlings, floriferous garden beds of Australian native plants and a startling red walkable ground plane.