General News

TCL welcomes Simone Slattery - our 2017 Kevin Taylor Legacy recipient.

February 2017

Simone is one of Australia’s most versatile young musicians and performers. Simone plays various violins, which she describes as having different personalities. Through her playing she expressively reveals her passion for music from a wide range of eras.

During her time in residency, Simone intends to create a provocative performance piece deeply rooted in the Australian landscape, and close to the heart of Kevin’s life work and philosophy.

‘Where Song Began’ will be a performance piece capturing and interpreting our continent’s unique landscape and birdlife. The project will celebrate the natural world, drawing upon the relationship of humans and birds though songs that communicate this vitality of sound within the Australian setting.

Work in Progress

Ruyton Girls School

January 2017

The construction of play areas and gathering spaces are being finalised in anticipation for the being of the school year. Students at Ruyton Girls will be returning to an imaginative landscape comprising an amphitheatre, assembly/ events space and a natural playground, which surrounds a refurbished Junior School building by Sally Draper Architects. TCL’s design encourages students to connect with their landscape through play, socialisation, growth, learning and activity. 

General News

Point Nepean National Park Information Day

January 2017

Join us tomorrow. Saturday 21st January at the Point Nepean Portsea Craft Market.

TCL are teaming up with Parks Victoria for a Point Nepean National Park Information Day, in the park from 9-2pm. There will be a presentation at 11am and during the remaining time, an opportunity to speak with the project team. For more information visit the Parks Victoria website. 

General News

The secrets of summer gardening are based on survival

January 2017

The floral bounty of spring has passed and plants can be reeling from too much sun, not enough water, hot wind and distracted owners. But high summer doesn't have to be a horticultural low point – as with all gardening, growing happy, healthy plants through the hottest, driest months comes down to appropriate species selection and good soil care.

The Australian Garden in Cranbourne is a great public example of how native gardeners can shape, hedge and variously train native species. Here shrubs are pruned to look like small trees and trees are trimmed into green walls.

Words by Megan Backhouse. Megan is a writer for The Age, to find out more about the secrets of summer gardening survival read her full article here

Photography by Paul Thompson 

General News

Happy New Year

January 2017

TCL are back in the studio after our summer break, and we are looking forward to more creative collaborations and fabulous projects in 2017.

One of our creative collaboration highlights from 2016 was the Towers Road Residence in Toorak.

The sculptural residence designed by Wood March Architects boasts a lush circular fernery nestled between the building walls ­­­– an array of layered plantings and a scattering of granite plinths create an exotic atmosphere. TCL’s collaborative relationship with architect and client led to the design of a garden with a ‘sense of embrace’—a poetic garden of ‘structured chaos’.  The verdant, diverse and textured forms of the garden provide a contrast to the architectural concrete form of the building.

The Towers Road Project has recently been added to our website and can be viewed in more detail here.

Photograph by John Gollings